Breaking: Fox News mad that an African-American student got accepted to college for something other than sports

What?  I must have misheard these three women speaking about a student that was accepted to all 20 colleges that he applied to, a feat that no one at Faux news has ever accomplished.  On top of this, he got a full ride to all of these schools.  Please understand, this is an extraordinary accomplishment and Michael Brown and his family are to be congratulated and celebrated.  Congratulations, Michael Brown!  You are amazing!

But, here are these three women who are saying that it was “obnoxious” that he should have applied to that many schools and causing other students to get waitlisted because he “took” their spot.

Exsqueeze me?

Took?  That young man EARNED every one of those spots.  He has a right to apply to as many schools as he wants to.  If he wants to shoot the moon and apply for 20 schools, then that is his right. Who cares what admissions offices say?  It’s a damn competitive world out there and this young man beat out thousands of students to get accepted to all the schools he applied to and to get a full ride to all of them.

Let’s be clear:  this young man wrote 20 essays, filled out 20 applications, and paid 20 application fees.  None of this was given to him. On top of this, he worked extraordinarily hard throughout his academic career to even get a look from these schools, much less accepted and given full scholarships to them.  This achievement should be celebrated by everyone for his courage in applying, his hard work and his commitment to excellence.

But not Faux News. Oh no.  They’re going to talk about how he’s “obnoxious” and “selfish.”

I’m surprised they didn’t find a place to throw in the word “thug” to describe him.

This is a clear case of racism if I’ve ever seen it.  Instead of celebrating this young man, they demean him, call him names, and characterize him as just another “selfish young person.”  If this had been a white student getting a full ride to all 20 colleges they were accepted to, I can guarantee that none of these anchors would have said that they were selfish or obnoxious.

And, let’s be honest, if he had gotten in for basketball or football, he would have been heralded as the “next big thing.”  Just goes to show where Faux News thinks young African-American men belong:  on a football field/basketball court or in jail.

A senior in high school getting accepted into college is an amazing feat.  It really is.  There are not enough spots at our institutions of higher education to give to everyone that wants to attend.  You have to start planning by the time you’re in 6th grade as to how you want to make an impression in middle and high school to get a coveted spot.  The fact that this young man made all the right decisions, worked hard and was able to achieve that 20 times is a success that should be celebrated.

This is just another example of how Faux News gets it wrong in so many ways.

Fox has never appreciated education, running segments like “Are College Professors Brainwashing Students?”  or  when host Laura Ingraham mocked David Hogg for not getting into UCLA.  Because, for Fox, critical thinking is “un-American” and not “patriotic.”  Questioning whether or not America is exceptional is, apparently, not okay.  For Faux, being educated is tantamount to treason and Michael Brown, being a young African-American man, is not someone that these folks feel is deserving of the same kinds of opportunities that they had because he is black.

And when this woman states that “The best part about this story is that 19 kids get to come off the wait list,” she’s not talking about 19 kids.  She’s talking about 19 WHITE kids that get to come off the wait list to accept a free ride to a great school; because, how DARE a white child’s education be in the hands of a young black man and his superior intellect and work ethic. They try to play it off like they would say this about any child who got accepted to this many schools; but, let’s be honest: Fox news is not a friend of those who do not look like Tomi Lahern, Bill O’Reily or the current occupant of the White House.

No matter what a child looks like, no matter their color or ethnicity or religion or sexual orientation, every single time a student gets accepted to college it should be celebrated.  And with the competition so fierce for spots at colleges, young people like Michael Brown should not only be celebrated but held up as an example of what can be accomplished with hard work and a drive to be successful.

Unless, of course, your final goal is to make sure that folks remain uneducated and unquestioning so that they accept whatever you say as gospel.  If that is your goal, Fox News, then keep on doing what you’re doing.  It’s working well.